Stress Headache Virtual Summit

Managing Stress Headaches Virtual Summit

Have you ever dealt with stress headaches?  They can come out of nowhere and have a significant impact on your day.  It can be a challenge to find relief from them once they come on.


Here's a powerful way to treat headaches:

Put together a collaborative approach that treats the stress both emotionally and physically.  


This can seem like a difficult thing to do, but I want to provide you with a unique and special way to get started --


Dr. Greg Bernard, the owner of Spine Pro Chiropractic in Stillwater, MN, has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of seven professionals to discuss the topic of stress headaches in a FREE online virtual summit.  Hear from experts from the fields of chiropractic, nutrition, dental, counseling, acupuncture, medical, and physical therapy as they each address causes of stress headaches as well as how to effectively treat them.

Hudson Counseling Services' owner, Jordan Johnson, a summit contributor, is proud to bring this amazing resource to you free of charge.  To access the summit, simply follow the link below and register to view the content provided by the seven experts that contributed to the summit.  Enjoy!

Link: Stress Headache Virtual Summit Registration