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What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)? Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model of therapy which blends systems thinking and multiplicity of the mind. We believe that the different aspects of our personality actually represent distinct parts of us and these parts make up our internal system. For example, have you ever been invited out
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Managing Stress Headaches Virtual Summit Have you ever dealt with stress headaches?  They can come out of nowhere and have a significant impact on your day.  It can be a challenge to find relief from them once they come on.   Here's a powerful way to treat headaches: Put together a collaborative approach that treats
    Psychology = The Study of the Soul By Jordan Johnson, MA, LPC(WI), LPCC(MN) There are few areas of study that attempt to explain the nature and depth of the human soul.  The term “Psychology” comes from the Greek words ψυχη (psyche, pronounced PSEE-key), which means “soul” and λογος (logos, pronounced LOW-goes).  Lately, it
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How Does My Insurance Work? By Jordan Johnson, MA, LPC (WI), LPCC (MN) Medical insurance can be confusing.  Many people rarely use it, but when they do it is sometimes unclear how their plan will cover the services they receive from their provider.  This can cause a good deal of stress and even some concern
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          Insider Insight: What Are Those Letters Behind Your Name? By Jordan Johnson, MA, LPC(WI), LPCC(MN) I don’t know how many times I've had someone ask me what I do for a living.  It should be an easy answer, but it’s not.  Do I state that my official credentialing with the
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