Online Therapy - Telehealth

At Hudson Counseling Services, we understand the importance of adapting to the needs of our clients, especially in a world where schedules are busy. If you choose online therapy sessions, you will receive the same professional support and guidance our in-person sessions provide. Also, our online therapy sessions are designed to adapt to your individual needs, ensuring that distance does not stand between you and the path to healing.


For all our online counseling sessions, we use a secure, HIPAA-compliant, live, two-way audio/video communication platform. Because it is HIPAA-compliant, your privacy and confidentiality are maintained. And you can meet for counseling with your therapist on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer – all from the comfort of your home. Our virtual doors are open for you to continue your journey to mental wellness.

Benefits of Online Counseling Services

Online therapy offers several benefits that meet the demands of modern life. It provides convenience, allowing you to access care from anywhere eliminating commute times. Also, you may find that the familiar comfort of your own environment provides a sense of security, which leads to greater openness during sessions.


For many, the flexibility and accessibility of online therapy make it a good choice, ensuring that quality care is just a click away.

Does My Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

While most health plans offer coverage for teletherapy services, we encourage you to verify this with your insurance provider.

How Do I Log into My Appointment?

Before your appointment, you will receive a link in your email. Click on the link to enter the waiting room. At your scheduled appointment time, your therapist will “meet you” for your session.


If you have any problems accessing your appointment, please call us at 715-808-8070 for help.