Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy

At Hudson Counseling Services in Hudson, WI, we recognize that the journey to healing from trauma is deeply personal and can often be challenging. If you find yourself dealing with the aftershocks of traumatic experiences—flashbacks, persistent anxiety, depression, or a persistent sense of alertness—EMDR therapy may offer a path to recovery.


EMDR therapy is designed to help individuals heal from distressing life experiences. Research studies show that EMDR therapy provides the benefits of psychotherapy in a shorter amount of time. Much like the body’s ability to heal from physical wounds, EMDR therapy is based on the premise that with the right conditions, the mind can move toward mental health and healing.


By identifying and addressing the blocks that prevent emotional healing, one of our trained therapists works with you to reactivate your natural healing processes.

How EMDR Therapy Works

EDMR therapy is an eight-phase treatment and uses a unique approach where rhythmic eye movements—or other forms of bilateral stimulation—play a role during a segment of the therapy session.


Your therapist selects a specific troubling memory to address and will guide you to mentally engage with various elements of this memory. Simultaneously, you will follow the therapist’s hand with your eyes. This process, which a researcher at Harvard suggests is linked to the same biological mechanisms that operate during REM sleep, sparks a natural cascade of thought and emotion, allowing you to reprocess the memory and the associated feelings.


As therapy progresses, your distressing memories start to take on new, less traumatic meanings, fundamentally altering the emotional experience of the memory. For example, someone who has endured an assault may evolve from feeling overwhelmed by trauma to a strong self-affirmation of survival and resilience.


By the conclusion of EMDR therapy, individuals often discover they have not only reconciled with their past traumas but have also grown stronger through them.

EMDR Therapy Can Treat Many Mental Health Concerns

Some of the conditions EMDR therapy has been used effectively for include:


At Hudson Counseling Services, we believe in the resilience within each person and the power of EMDR therapy to tap into that strength. Your story doesn’t end with trauma. Instead, there is a path that can help put the past behind you so you can start living a happier, more balanced life.