Individual Counseling

Start a personal journey toward inner peace and mental clarity with our individual therapy services at Hudson Counseling Services in Hudson, WI. Individual counseling sessions are a one-on-one approach to mental well-being that provides you with a private setting to converse candidly with a compassionate therapist. Conversations can focus on how you’re feeling, what’s happening in your life, and the challenges you are facing, among other topics.


Together with your therapist, you will set goals for improving aspects of your life. Typically, an initial adult counseling series of 5-10 weekly sessions is helpful for achieving immediate goals and addressing pressing issues. Beyond the initial progress, many find value in ongoing, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins as a proactive measure to maintain and nurture their mental health.


Through individual counseling, you will find a path tailored to your growth and healing, where every step brings you closer to balance and well-being.

Addressing Common Issues

Through individual therapy sessions, our experienced therapists can help treat the following common issues:

Therapy Models & Techniques Used in Individual Counseling

During individual counseling sessions, your therapist will integrate different therapeutic models and techniques to address your mental health concerns. You will benefit from a personalized approach because your path to healing is unique.


Some of the therapy models and techniques we offer include:


Your time and energy are important. Whether you are seeking some quick tips and new skills, and enjoy a coaching style of therapy, or you prefer to take a deeper exploration into patterns, Hudson Counseling Services has an individual therapist for you. No matterthe chosen therapeutic approach(es), they are tailored to fit your needs to help ensure an effective individual therapy experience.