When life is overwhelming, it's hard to feel confident in how to move forward.  We listen to your unique story and form a plan with you so that you can unlock your inner strength and have clarity about what to do next.

The counselors at Hudson Counseling Services in Hudson, WI are here to listen and care for you, whether you are working through grief, sadness, anxiety, or uncertainty.  You'll find that each one is well-trained at creating a personalized plan for each person, so that you can get back to feeling great.

Maybe it's not you who is struggling -- but you have concerns about a loved one. Maybe you're having trouble connecting with your spouse or child. We can help individuals, couples and families find balance and learn techniques for a healthier self and healthier relationships.

We know it's hard to take the first step to healing the hurts in your life.  

                                                                                Help is 3 Steps Away:

                                                                                                        1) Schedule an Appointment

                                                                                                        2) Talk to a Therapist

                                                                                                        3) Make a Plan


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